☆ Karen Norris (Shoulder Workout) ☆ FLEXDEM TV ☆ Bodybuilding Strength & Fitness ☆

☆ Karen Norris (Shoulder Workout) ☆ FLEXDEM TV ☆ Bodybuilding Strength & Fitness ☆

This video features Flexdem ambassador, Karen Norris, as she’s put through a shoulder routine at Studio-1 by Mark Palfrey. Karen has represented Great Britain in the World’s and has also competed in the Arnold Classic event.

More about Karen can be found at: http://www.karen-norris.co.uk

A bit about Mark and Studio-1:
Mark Palfery is a national level bodybuilder with an extensive background in personal training and martial arts. He owns and manages Studio-1 as a gym for people that like to take their training seriously.

About Flexdem Clothing and the Flexdem TV channel:
Flexdem Gym Wear combines classic old skool styling with a modern street vibe and is a brand made for people who are prepared to rep beyond failure as standard.
The TV channel is an open ended video series that covers weight training, strength & conditioning, bodyweight exercises, fitness, nutrition, supplements, interviews, mini documentaries, abdominal development, weight gain, weight loss etc…
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