Back Workout: The 5-10-20 Back Bodybuilding Routine (Punta Cana)

Back Workout: The 5-10-20 Back Bodybuilding Routine (Punta Cana)

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While in the Dominican Republic I shot a mini bodybuilding routine I performed in the very small and limited hotel gym. In this back workout for men and back workout for mass you’ll see three different back exercises with dumbbells and machines to incorporate into your workouts to develop the entire back muscle. A mix of dumbbell and machine back exercises give you no excuse to build muscle on your back. Be sure to add these three into your bodybuilding routine. Enjoy the different back exercises for v-tapered back.

Week 1 – 2 Sets
Week 2 – 3 Sets
Week 3 – 4 Sets
Week 4 – 5 Sets

A1 – Seated Rows – 5 reps
A2 – Straight Arm Pulldowns – 10 reps
A3 – Dynamic Rows – 20 reps/side

Rest 2-3 minutes and repeat.

Vince Del Monte
Honors Kinesiology Degree
WBFF Pro Fitness Model
P.I.C.P. Level 1 and 2 Certified
Precision Nutrition Certified


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