Bodybuilding While On Vacation (Workout And Diet Tips)


Bodybuilding While On Vacation (Workout And Diet Tips)






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Bodybuilding On Vacation (Workout And Diet Tips)

Have a vacation coming up and aren’t sure how to handle your training and nutrition while you’re away?

Well, before I go over some practical bodybuilding vacation tips you can follow, keep in mind that a vacation is exactly that: a VACATION.

Staying committed to your fitness plan is great, but if you get overly obsessive about it you can easily end up defeating the entire purpose of your vacation in the first place, which is to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself.

Also remember that going a bit off-course with your bodybuilding workouts and nutrition for a few weeks out of the year is no big deal as long as you’re mostly otherwise on point.

In addition, any “damage” that gets done in terms of muscle loss or fat gain can be very quickly reversed once you return back to your normal training and nutrition program.

My suggestion for most people when it comes to bodybuilding on holidays is to find a reasonable middle ground. That means allowing yourself to indulge and let loose, but without going excessively overboard.

Here are some practical bodybuilding vacation tips you can employ to do exactly that…

Tips For Working Out On Vacation:

Keep in mind that as long as your nutrition is decent, muscle loss won’t occur until about 2 weeks of inactivity. Even then it will be a slow and gradual process.

So, if your vacation will be for a shorter period of 1-2 weeks, there’s no real harm in taking a break from the gym. It’s actually beneficial to take a rest week or a deload after 6-12 weeks of consecutive training, so ideally try to time it out according to that.

If you do want to continue training though (but without detracting from your vacation time), just condense your vacation workout down to the essentials.

A good approach for working out on holidays is to just perform a basic full body routine or an upper/lower split twice per week. Even a full body workout once per week will usually be enough for maintenance purposes.

Here’s what a basic bodybuilding vacation workout might look like:

Day 1

Squat x 3
Romanian Deadlift x 3
Pullup Or Pulldown x 3
Flat Dumbbell Press x 3

Day 2

Deadlift x 3
Dumbbell Lunge x 3
Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press x 3
One-Arm Dumbbell Row x 3

(You can optionally add in some isolation work at the end if you have time)

If you only have access to lighter weights, then just go with a higher rep range to compensate.

If you want to remain consistent with your cardio as well, focus on HIIT workouts using a higher intensity/short duration structure.

You can tag your cardio onto the end of your weight training workouts for even more efficiency.

Vacation Nutrition Tips:

Food and drinks are usually a central part of any good vacation, so when it comes to your vacation diet, don’t bother trying to track things in precise detail.

My recommendation when it comes to “holiday nutrition” is to just roughly estimate your total calories (key word being “roughly”) and ensure you’re getting enough protein for muscle maintenance.

I don’t recommend tracking macros on vacation as it’s simply overkill for most people.

More experienced lifters can usually estimate calories based on hunger and by eye-balling portions, while less experienced lifters may want to track things a bit more closely.

You can use a calorie tracking app like MyFitnessPal, or look up the nutritional info for certain restaurants if it’s available.

If that’s not possible, just estimate as best you can – the numbers do not need to be perfect.

If food will be a big part of your vacation and you want to keep the calories under control, one method you can use is to push a higher % of your calories until later in the day. This will create a “calorie buffer” so you can enjoy those higher fat/higher sugar meals later on without going overboard.

In terms of protein, all you really need is about 0.8g per pound of body weight daily, which is generally quite easy to hit. You can also bring some protein bars and/or protein powder with you for extra insurance.

Hope you found this bodybuilding vacation guide useful!

P.S. If you found these vacation fitness tips helpful, make sure to get your personalized training, nutrition and supplement plans using my video presentation below:

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