Built by Science – Anatomy, Biomechanics, & 6 Week Training Program – Arms – Bodybuilding.com

Built by Science – Anatomy, Biomechanics, & 6 Week Training Program – Arms – Bodybuilding.com

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Killer arms make a good physique great. Look under the hood of your biceps and triceps and learn the best exercises for maximum muscle growth.

Chances are, the very first time you stepped in a gym, you went straight through an arms workout. Guys and girls alike want a killer set of arms because they’re one of the most impressive and visible muscle groups on your body. There’s a reason you can’t walk into a gym without seeing at least one person doing biceps curls.

You might want great arms, but you might not be getting the most from your arms training. It’s time to train your biceps and triceps harder and smarter. I’m going to teach you how little things like muscular attachment points, different grips, and specific positions can make a profound difference on your results.

Building great arms is more than just a combination of isolation exercises at the end of a workout. If you want good arms, push yourself when you hit your compound movements.

Don’t forget, you build your arms virtually all day. Your biceps and triceps are used on movements like the pull-up and the bench press. Those back, chest, and shoulder days will indirectly help develop your arms.

The addition of an arms-isolation day that includes the above exercises will help supercharge your arms development.

Look for the exercises and techniques discussed above in the weekly arms workouts of the six-week Built by Science program. Watch all the overview videos before attacking the gym. Remember, you need to combine mind and muscle to build your best possible body.

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