Can You Rub Some Glutamine Into My Thighs? | Week 6 | Kris Gethin’s Man of Iron


Can You Rub Some Glutamine Into My Thighs? | Week 6 | Kris Gethin’s Man of Iron
After last week’s deload, the volume and intensity in Kris’ training go back up. Not coincidentally, both muscle soreness and his old injuries rear their ugly heads.
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“That isn’t age. That is self-inflicted damage.”

Those are the words of a man who is fresh off of a brutal leg workout and dreading having to step up into his jeep. Laugh if you want…unless you’re doing the Man of Iron training program yourself. If you are, your day will come soon!

Soreness is the name of the game this week, as Kris attacks the weights with renewed intensity and sees his volume go up in both swimming and running. He also gets some crucial bike maintenance tips, then takes a ride along Idaho’s scenic highways.

If you’ve been doing your biking or running solely indoors on this program, consider this your push to get out in the world and try a trail or road. Use the weekly downloadable program as your guide, and get after it!

| Tips from Week 6 |
– You know your body. You know what training your body and schedule will tolerate. Don’t feel compelled to do things the way other people do them in your sport of choice. Kris isn’t training like a traditional triathlete, why should you?
– Don’t forget the unique nature of this training protocol. You fry your shoulders and triceps before swimming, so that when you come back fresh on race day, you’ll be much more powerful.
– Maximize your passive recovery, not just active recovery. That means ice baths, massage, rest, and nailing your nutrition.
– Your injuries are part of your story. Don’t forget about them! They may very well revisit you during this epic training experience.
– Flats and other technical issues happen. Prepare for them if you’re going to be in a race! Basic bike care, a properly fitted bicycle, and in-race nutrition all need to be dialed in if you’re going to hit the strict Ironman cycling time cutoff.


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