Chest Workout | Pectus Excavatum Bodybuilding


Chest Workout | Pectus Excavatum Bodybuilding
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This video showcases a pectus excavatum tailored chest workout that will be very beneficial for fixing pectus through building muscle in the chest and minimising the extent of the indent.

I ( Riley Byrne )was born with Pectus Excavatum and managed to fix my condition through exercise & bodybuilding without surgery and I want to help others do the same.

A typical person with Pectus Excavatum has tight chest muscles, poor upper body strength and bad posture. Exercise can correct all of these problems, thus greatly improving the appearance of your body. Furthermore I believe that partaking in specific exercises with strict form, and a mind muscle connection combined with manipulated breathing can stretch your sternum out and pull your ribcage in which will eventually reduce the extent of your Pectus.

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