MASSIVE WORKOUT MIX VOL.3 [Bodybuilding Motivation |HD |2015]


MASSIVE WORKOUT MIX VOL.3 [Bodybuilding Motivation |HD |2015]
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It’s been a long time since I released a workout mix, so here we go with volume three!!! Basically you already know all of these motivational videos yet, BUT here they are, about 40 minutes, gathered to provide the perfect motivation for your workout session! It’s the best one yet, I guess – at least it’s the first, I really like from the beginning to the end! Enjoy!


Always Massive is about motivation, inspiration, dreams and achievements. Sports especially bodybuilding and Mixed Martial Arts but also powerlifting, boxing and life itself are themes for these motivational videos. People and Athletes who have been through a lot just as handicapped people and those who are overcoming obstacles ar main characters in this game. Always Massive isn’t about the glamour or the fame. Always Massive is about life and those people who are living it to the fullest. Always Massive is about creating yourself and step forward right onto the unknown path which isn’t secure – which isn’t well known – but in the end it’s worth chasing! Conquering your demons and fight against yourself and all these ideas floating around in your head. Choose your own way and never look back. Fulfill your dreams and just do it. THIS IS ALWAYS MASSIVE.

Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strongmen, MMA, Boxing, Fighting are just some of the themes ALWAYS MASSIVE drives attention to. It’s also about life, spirit, success. Trying to motivate you on your way, which may be lonely and full of desperation based on empty promises and wrong expectations. Don’t lose sight of what’s important for YOU. Only YOU can make your dreams come true! ALWAYS MASSIVE provides you with the right FUEL to CONQUER your demons.

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