Project Discipline : BEFORE and AFTER – 8 Weeks – Bodybuilding Documentary

Project Discipline : BEFORE and AFTER – 8 Weeks – Bodybuilding Documentary

Follow Tom Kurek And Jon Cygnor on an 8 week goal intended to redefine their strength and physical fitness. Watch The Results of what 56 days of intense training, proper nutrition and strict discipline can do.

UPDATE: keep in mind before you watch this I set a goal on building muscle and not as much as creating some great documentary all I started doing was just recording certain moments and what I had to work with as far as footage, is what I used. Now as you will notice there are definitely parts with bad form or or partials meaning not full range of motion but the days that I brought the camcorder into the gym work days that we just did a quick pump work out to capture footage. this was not the way I worked out in the gym on a daily basis. When I was hitting the gym as intense as I was, I never even took the camcorder with me. and I am sure if you have worked out as long as I have you have come across an issue or two with a muscle group or joint like shoulders or elbows whatever the case may be when I did my max bench I didn’t want to risk a shoulder injury so I pushed the weight back up before conpleting the rep. that is not my range of motion for a bench press, look at my chest size and defintion. Jesus these comments are so out of hand I know how to do a bench press and regardless look at my chest seriously what could you possibly say obviously I am making gains so I must be doing something right? Thank you for those who continue to post positively because that is what this lifestyle is all about positive mental attitude makes change

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