WBFF Pro Shaun Stafford’s Wave-Load Back Workout


WBFF Pro Shaun Stafford’s Wave-Load Back Workout
Wake up your lats with a strength-building stimulus before flooding them with volume. You’ll be drowning in pain, but you’ll also see some major muscle gain!
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With his wavy blond hair, ripped body, and laid-back smile, Shaun Stafford has all the makings of a buff beach dude (a British buff beach dude, to be exact), which might explain his affinity for the wave-loading approach to back training.

Wave loading is an advanced strength technique where weights go up and reps go down over the course of a few sets. Advanced lifters typically do multiple waves, with early waves preparing the muscles to lift heavier on later waves. Stafford starts his workout by adding his own twist to the wave technique by doing one wave apiece of two classic heavy back moves: weighted chins and Pendlay rows.

That’s a lot of work in and of itself, but Stafford’s back day is just getting started. Do this workout every second or third week to give your body time to fully recover.

“This workout is a great way to throw a curveball into your back training, but it’s incredibly demanding on your central nervous system,” says Stafford.


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