How To Build Muscle Fast For Skinny Guys

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How To Gain Muscle Quickly For Skinny Guys

For a beginner, building of body muscle can prove intimidating. It is something you have not tried before. The varied exercises involved, and the energy and other quotients required to be successful, could definitely scare you away. You can rectify the situation by boning up on tips for building muscle for the skinny guy fast. Tips as below, especially put together for beginners.

Proper Form:

Proper form is the start and end of good muscle building. If you start exercising with the wrong form it will convert to habits that are not correct, and in the long run could even lead to injury. If you are not savvy enough as to what proper form is , you could initially hire a personal trainer who will start you off on the right track.

Start with major lifts:

Exercises that require using different groups of muscles should be done before doing exercises that use only one set of muscles. Major lifts belong to the first category, and include exercises such as squat, bench press, bent over row, dead-lift and shoulder press. The same exercises done on machines would come under the names of chest press, leg press, horizontal row, seated shoulder press and lateral pull-down. Exercises that involve using groups of muscles require more energy. So your body needs to be fresh enough for you to tackle such exercises.

Use a range from eight to twelve for repeats

As a beginner it would be best for you to stick in ranges between eight to twelve reps. Your starting load will be lighter, so using a high rep range can result in more strength, muscle size, and improvement in definition. After some practice in lifting different weights you can lower the rep range and instead focus on increasing your strength.

Stretching is a must

Whether you are a beginner or experienced weight lifter, you must never forget to stretch. By stretching, the body becomes more flexible and this in turn will assist when doing lifts. At least ten minutes of stretching should be done focusing on each muscle group. To alleviate body soreness that may occur on off days, light stretching can also be done at home.

Importance of Eating

Since high energy is used up during workouts, it is important to keep the body fed, both before and after. The right sustenance will help your body to perform the exercises properly, as also get a chance to recover from the strenuous movements performed. ‘What’ you eat is also important. A diet of high protein and carbohydrates will give you the right nutrition.

As a beginner you need to follow the above tips to help you make the right start to build muscle fast. Taking a day off in between workouts is a good idea. Not only will it give your body a chance to recoup, it will also prevent your mind from becoming overwhelmed with this new physical activity. A schedule involving workouts 3 times a week would prove most beneficial.


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