Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded – Workout Sample

Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded – Workout Sample

http://www.leanhybridmuscle.com – This is a sample workout video, showing before and after pictures of our people going through the program.

Check out these almost unbelievable fat burning and muscle building results that occur when you combine multiple training variables and modalities is nothing short of miraculous!

The amazing physiological response by using this “Hybrid Muscle Training” is that you actually build a new type of muscle fiber…

A “super” muscle fiber that is so dense with mitochondria, that as a result it Burns 173% more fat than your average Type 1 or Type 2 muscle fibers.

Here is how “Muscle Shifting” works.

Most people who exercise or lift weights understand that Type 1 Muscle Fibers are used by your body to endure long stints of exercise, things like running a marathon fit into this category.

They also know that Type 2 Muscle Fibers are best suited for sprinting, jumping and lifting heavy things.

But what they might not have ever heard is…

When you combine Type 2 Muscle Training with Type 1 Muscle Training your body respond by transforming your muscles into Type 3 “Hybrid” Muscle Fibers!

This transmutation of your muscles into Type 3 Hybrid Muscle is what Muscle Shifting is all about.

Muscle Shifting Is Achieved With Hybrid Muscle Training

So, like I said earlier we’ve got to combine the two types of training to gain more of the lean Type 3 Hybrid Muscle.

The amazing thing about this Type III muscle fiber is that it has the capacity to grow larger and leaner… WHILE simultaneously burning fat!

We began using a “Hybrid Muscle” Training System that forced our muscles to get leaner and harder by combining heavy weight training, resistance cardio, circuits and intense intervals.

Take a look at the video to see what I mean…

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