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Back And Shoulder Workout-Aguirre Fitness Check out this killer Back and Shoulder Workout.Obviously you guys have seen my car, it’s extremely obvious. So I came to a little local park, I got my little trusty bag with my tubes and some dumbbells. I didn’t feel like packing all the dumbbells so for today’s workout, we are going to do a back and shoulder workout. Technically, I’ll explain to you what I mean by this, but technically I will want you to use heavier dumbbells for one of the exercises but I didn’t feel like lugging everything over; it’s just to get the basic point of the workout. Didn’t want to be interrupted, that’s why I stole my husband’s car, as you can see it didn’t have all of the writing all over it.
So I’ve got my secret stash workout, I write everything down. You get a pen and then get to your workout. Basically what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start out, it’s gonna be all, and it’s so easy as with all my workouts even though we’re trying to target back and shoulders you’re always gonna target some core. So the first exercise that we’re doing it’s gonna be our lighter dumbbells. So we’re gonna pretend when I say go to the heavier ones, we’re gonna pretend like we’re using heavier dumbbells for the second exercise. So we’re gonna kind of warm up our shoulders, our back, our obliques, everything and we’re gonna do what I call Around the World with the dumbbells. It’s basically a front raise and then you go all the way around. So the form here; you’re feet are open, nice and tight and you’re gonna go up and then around and then turn the hand and lead. So you lead with the thumb then you turn it and you lead with the thumb again: around the world, around the world. So today’s numbers and I’m not gonna demonstrate all the numbers, today’s numbers are either gonna be 20 or 50. So with that one you’re gonna do 20 on each side; go boom right from the next to the next. Now you’re gonna switch it out to “Poof! Those are bigger dumbbells!” So you’re gonna switch it out to your heavier ones and you’re gonna do alternating high rows. So you’re hands are here; I want you to think that you’re exposing the armpit. So technically let’s just say this is a regular row, I want you to open up here, so high rows. So boom! And if you notice I’m getting a little extra momentum from under my other wrist and then high. Do your best to keep your body facedown, so don’t turn, ‘k? ‘Cause we want to get full rear delt, if you turn you take away from that rear delt, so stay facedown. So what do you think? Yeah, it’s gonna be 20 on each arm.

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