How to sculpt perfect female shoulders -Shoulder workouts for women part 2

How to sculpt perfect female shoulders -Shoulder workouts for women part 2

In the first video of this workout we discussed why building a little size to your shoulders can really enhance and transform your shape and physique.

This shoulder workout is all about building and shaping all areas of the deltoids so that you get the a balanced workout that will keep your shoulders tightening up to much at the front.

In the first video we did a seated dumbbell shoulder press on its own

Now we are going to finish off with a shoulder superset where we perform 2 exercises together

The superset consists of

Seated Lateral raises
Prone Rear Dealt Raises.

Again these are both done using the bench

With the lateral raises you only have to bring the weights up to shoulder height.

Focus on keeping your torso still and just move the arms.

With the rear raises try to raise the arms out too the side as much as possible to keep the tension on the rear delts.

In the video Eva arms are starting to move backwards because of fatigue.

Doing these shoulder exercises back to back will burn so give yourself 2 minutes recovery at least before doing another superset.

My recommendation for this shoulder workout is 2-3 supersets of

10 reps of lateral raises
15 reps of rear delt raises

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