Best Tricep Exercise You’ve NEVER Tried


Best Tricep Exercise You’ve NEVER Tried
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When it comes to doing tricep exercises, you must first understand the two most important components to muscle building. And those are time under tension (TUT) and full range of motion (ROM).

But the drawback to most of the tricep extension exercises out there is they don’t allow you to utilize both of these throughout the exercise. Either you do full range of motion but lose tension due to the angle of the cable in relation to your arm or you keep tension but lose full range of motion.

So in this video, I show you a simple way to implement both full ROM and steady TUT throughout the entire exercise, therefore enabling you to stimulate more muscle fibers and build more muscle.

And this is by simply rocking back and forth during the exercise. You want to stagger your feet, and shift your weight to your back foot during your concentric contraction, and shift your weight to your front foot during your eccentric contraction. This will allow you to keep tension on the muscle at the bottom and the top of the rep without sacrificing the peak contraction or the stretch of the muscle.

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