– Steve Cook’s Big Man on Campus – Chest and Triceps – Steve Cook’s Big Man on Campus – Chest and Triceps

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Today’s chest and triceps workout will introduce you to hard work and heavy weight. You’ll get to know big dumbbells and short rest periods. After this training session, your chest and triceps will be so pumped you’ll have trouble removing your shirt.

College is a place of learning and growth. The best students strive for academic, aesthetic and athletic development. The best students are hungry: They want to get smarter, stronger, brighter, bolder and bigger. Of course, even the best students need a solid place to start. Steve Cook’s Big Man on Campus 12-Week College Trainer is that place.
Big Man on Campus is a unique 12-week fitness course. The weight room will be your classroom; Steve Cook will be your professor. He’ll teach you the muscle-building basics—how to train, eat, supplement and grow. He’ll help you schedule your workouts, juggle competing priorities and transform your physique. Become your best self; become the Big Man on Campus.

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