Shoulders & Triceps.
Keep it moving fast alternating between each muscle group to allow ample recovery while keeping heart rate elevated. Maximum 20 seconds rest between exercises, 3 complete circuits through.

You can add any exercises from previous videos to increase workout duration & intensity.

• Standing DB Press Alternating: Engage core & legs. DO NOT REST DB ON SHOULDER. 20 x each arm.
• Preacher bar Skull Crusher’s w/ superset press: Engage abs & legs, maintain low hip angle to emphasize deltoids. 15 x Skull Crushers & 15 x Close Grip Press
• Standing Behind the head Press w/ DB: Emphasizes Anterior/front of deltoid. 20 x total
• Planks into Pushups: Core (inc. lower back), triceps, shoulders and chest. 20 x total
• Reverse Grip Cable Fly superset with Crossover Row: angle from bottom, emphasizing the posterior of deltoid. 20 x Reverse Fly & 20 x Crossover Row

Quick Tips to Stay Lean through the Summer:

Staying lean through these summer months is a true challenge, but implementing these 4 Tips should keep you lean and tone.
Eliminate Carbohydrates & Sugar 6 days a week
High Intensity Interval Training
Limit the effects of Alcohol
Small Portions, Frequent Meals
Big Lift weekends… more specifically it’s important you get a big resistance training workout in on days you know diet is going to be off the charts. This will help your body utilize excess calories from carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores. This will essentially fill out your muscle, trust me girl or guy, this is a good thing. Getting a strong boost in metabolism on these “cheat days” from a intense workout will go along way to burn excess fat calories.

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