The Best Science-Based Tricep Workout | ARMS (Part 2/2)


The Best Science-Based Tricep Workout | ARMS (Part 2/2)
In this part 2 video of my arm series, I will discuss the best tricep workout to hit every triceps head based on current scientific literature and our anatomical understanding of the arms. Although it’s important to know that all 3 tricep heads (long head, lateral head, and medial head) will be activated in all movements, we can emphasize the involvement of each of them by choosing the right exercises for each head of the triceps which in a way will provide “tricep head isolation”. These exercises will not only help with increasing tricep size and getting bigger triceps with that “horseshoe triceps” effect, they will also help in improving the overall definition of your triceps and allowing each head to grow in proportion with each other. In my opinion, these are the best exercises for bigger triceps and putting on more tricep mass while keeping them in proportion.

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