Workouts for Women: Tricep Exercises for Women: Dumbbell Arm Extension

Workouts for Women: Tricep Exercises for Women: Dumbbell Arm Extension

Full exercises for women:

If you have always dreamed of having toned, tight-looking triceps that will make you proud to show off your arms in t-shirts and tank tops, check out these tricep exercises for women.

Many women today are nervous about exposing their arms in the summertime due to a lack of definition in the muscles or because of excess body fat. If you are looking to get more definition in these areas, there are some exercises that you can do specifically to burn fat in your arms and build muscle.

You can even just choose one or two of the tricep exercises in with your normal exercise routine and you will begin to see some quick results.

Here is a list of the top tricep exercises for women:

1 – Hanging Dips – This exercise will not only work your triceps, but it will also improve your core, shoulders and overall balance. You can find dip bars at most local gyms, but you can also do these off a bench. Hold your body up on the dip handles while slowly behind your arms as you lower your body down toward the ground until your arms are at a 90-degree angle.

To do this on a bench, just dip down until you reach that same 90-degree mark – never go lower as it will put too much strain on your shoulders. One thing to remember is that you should do this movement slowly, taking at least 4-6 seconds to get to that 90-degree position and then press up before repeating the slow negative of the movement.

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