Max Calorie Burn Workout

Max Calorie Burn Workout

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In this workout, Stephanie and I will show you a simple, but brutal home workout. This workout will burn a ton of calories in minimum time. It’s a great workout that requires no gym equipments, takes only a few minutes and is designed for men and women.

Here’s the video breakdown:

THE SHUFFLE – 10 REPS: Touch the ground with one hand, similar to a football player’s stance. Switch your feet so that the one that was in back is now in front, and switch the hand that’s touching the ground.

Do this five times then do a burpee. This equals 1 rep of the shuffle, repeat the whole thing 10 times for 1 set.

CLOSE GRIP PUSHUPS – 10 REPS: Like a regular pushup, but put your hands about 6 inches apart. Focus on contracting your triceps during the exercise, and keeping your body in a straight plank to maximize the resistance.

Do both exercises 4 times to complete the whole exercise. We just demonstrated one round, but if you want to really get maximum calorie burning out of this do all four.

I designed this workout to be intense and to burn calories as fast as possible. If you’re crunched for time but you still want to get a good fat loss workout in, try this one out. Don’t worry if it’s hard to start with, it’s supposed to be. Your conditioning will build up fast, and before you know it you’ll be able to do the entire workout with less difficulties.

I calculated that this workout will burn approximately 500-800 calories for me. The calories that you personally burn might not be the same if you are a smaller person, or if you do the workout at a slower pace than I do. I also included in that number the amount of calories I calculated this workout would burn through EPOC (the Afterburn Effect), and the amount of calories it would burn in the long term through increasing my resting metabolic rate.

Again though, calories burned through workouts vary from person to person, so this workout may not burn exactly 500 calories for you. But for sure it’s one of the most time-efficient ways to burn calories I know of, and you’ll be burning a lot of calories in just a few minutes.

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